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The Ninjas

Meet the Ninjas



Overly talented guitarist and Ninja Master, Gabriel is the founder of MobileNinja. Cat lover and coffee enthusiast, he has many years of experience in the field of technologies.



King of the slopes, Boniface is as handy with his tools as he is good on his snowboad. With several years of experience, he will charm you with his gentleman manners.



Die hard fan of all things tech, he is as agile with phones as he is with videogames. Former trainee, he is now a full time ninja! Ninja one day, ninja everyday!


Project Management

Assumed geek, she codes websites in her spare time and spends hours tinkering on Photoshop. High on caffeine, she is also a wine enthusiast.


Customer Service

As handy with words as he is with his guitar, Antoine is our customer service expert! His unique look is only rivaled by his charm. You will be well served!